Manufacturer of Premium Grade Hardwood BBQ Charcoal Briquettes

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About Biowoodtech

Biowoodtech is incorporated in 2012. We are a development and manufacturer of premium sawdust briquette BBQ charcoal. We strive to provide solutions to excessive wood waste by performing R&D on methods to effectively carbonize sawdust wood waste to a renewable source of energy – BBQ CHARCOAL. At the beginning, Biowoodtech started utilizing metal retort system from China. After many years of trails and errors, we finally establish an effective yet environment friendly, Japan designed kiln to optimize the carbonization process.

Our Unique Selling Point


Eco-friendly as it doesn't produce smoke or odor during burning process.

Long Lasting

The compression of our sawdust briquette charcoal allow to burn longer than other charcoal.


Our charcoal contains no addiction which produce low ash, the low carbon footprint make cleanest way to barbeque.

High Heat

Able to constantly stay at higher calorific value for a long period of time.

Less Ash

Only minimal amount of ashes produced from our charcoal.

No Fire Sparks

Safety is always our priority.

Premium Grade Sawdust Briquette Charcoal

We are very much aware of the importance of having good quality products and services. At Biowoodtech Industry Sdn. Bhd., we place our main emphasis in producing and distributing top notch quality sawdust briquette charcoal across Malaysia and the international market.

Aims & Objectives


Reduce wastage through innovative work practices and recycling practices


Minimise environmental impacts by reduction of polluting substances produced


Minimise the impact of our operations on the local community

Green Policy

Increase the usage of environmental acceptable materials, equipment and technology

Our Briquette Charcoal Production

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Biowoodtech Industry Sdn Bhd

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