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Sawdust Briquette BBQ Charcoal

We are very much aware of the importance of having good quality products and services. At Biowoodtech Industry Sdn. Bhd., we place our main emphasis in producing and distributing top notch quality sawdust briquette bbq charcoal across Malaysia and the international market.

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Premium Grade Of BBQ Charcoal

Our sawdust briquette bbq charcoal are made of sawdust, which are obtained from 100% natural tropical hardwood, endorsed using cutting-edge briquetting machine, which induces high pressure to compress sawdust into briquette.

Our Sawdust Briquette Charcoals

From here you are able to browse thru our different grade of charcoals as well as the charcoal being burn. Without any additional additives and chemical binding agents, our charcoal is purely natural, odour-free, smokeless and your food would not be favoured. On the contrary, with its persistent heat, your food is much more delicious!

Grade A - B Sawdust Briquette Charcoals

Carbonized through high pressure, briquette charcoal with high density are produced, ranging from 5 inches to 16 inches each.

Packaging : 5kg box, 10kg box

Grade C - D Sawdust Briquette Charcoals

The broken and shorter length briquette charcoal similar calorific value and parameters, usually from 3 inches to 16 inches each.

Packaging : 5kg box, 10kg box

Grade E Sawdust Briquette Charcoals

The shortest length of briquette charcoal, which has similar calorific value and parameters. It is packed randomly (not arranged) in the box.

Packaging : 20kg box


Place of origin: Malaysia, Kedah
Model Number: Grade A – E
Application: Barbecue (BBQ)
Carbon Content: 81% to 85%
Calorific Value: 7,500 to 7,800 KCAL/kg
Residual Ash: 2% to 4%
Votality: 13% to 15%
Moisture Content: 5% to 7%
Density: 970kg/m³
Burning Hours: Estimated 6 hours
Packaging: 5kg & 10kg Box

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